Coming Back to Content Creation and Motivation

Let's face it. We've all walked away from something we love doing. Whether it is blog writing, working out, podcasting, vlogging, video games, even going out with friends...we've all done it.


3 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

While I was at work I had been asked several questions by several different clients about technology and software, one of which was, "what is the best video conferencing app?" I know that I normally write about marketing and advertising but I thought this would be good to talk and let's face's the future of meetings.

Creating Your Own Brand

Creating your own brand is a process that takes time and a lot of effort. I'm not talking about days or months. I'm talking about years worth of effort. Think of specific brands and think back to when you first heard about them and what you thought about them, then try to think about how you feel about them now.

Monday Motivation

Getting started for the week can be difficult. In fact, according to some studies and surveys conducted over the years, people are the most lethargic on Mondays. But why? Where is all the Monday Motivation when we need it?

Stealing Marketing Ideas

I can not stress enough how much I have said this for years, "Marketing is nothing more than a few people coming up with a bunch of great ideas and a bunch of people stealing those great ideas." So, you can only imagine how I felt when I listened to Neil Patel's recent podcast on this topic. He stole this idea from me! I swear.

HyperVegas is the New Las Vegas

In the past two decades, Las Vegas has undergone as many brand changes as some cities would in a century and this newest marketing effort is going to be the biggest brand change yet. HyperVegas is the new Las Vegas.

Marketing Blogs and Personalities to Follow

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, continued education is extremely important in the world of marketing. Marketing is a fluid, ever-changing entity in the business realm and it has only become more complex with the advancement of technology.

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